GLOBAL Market and activities

The market in which Mission operates has changed radically over the past few years!

Do not hesitate any longer!

The Challenge

If before the activity could be said focused on distribution channel self-service, large retail or as it is called, today Mission operates mainly on sales format and mktg that target the multi-channel. That is, as mentioned, the market consists of the sum of the channels, both offline and online.

The Solution

Thus it is guaranteeing an activity that you can actually say global because it allows the manufacturer / distributor that Mission represents, to be sure that working in partnership is facing the channel self-service so much more in-depth.


The experience gained in recent years on the online channel significantly supports the sales activities on the internet that now all major brands of large retail are developing.



This means that the synergy between the represented providers and brands is ever increasing, as a symptom of a cooperation on common bases always more reliable being more and more sophisticated and more productive.



That's why the professionalization in this new sales model is crucial today for relations with the organized distribution and not where at particular times markets, such as we are experiencing, the search for product categories and services with added value is all to rediscover.



Partners capable of making offers of this kind on both off and online catalogs are obviously considered much more important.

So we can safely say that Mission today represents an example of a global player on the large retail market

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